Office Nameplates

 Office Nameplates are a blend of professionalism and simplicity. That’s the catch, it can’t rely on complex intricate designs to make it artistic, it needs to walk the line of simplicity. Also, it needs to be adorned with fonts which convey the message in a straightforward fashion.

Simplicity can be tricky as it runs the risk of making the nameplate come off as bland and unappealing. How do you make something interesting while also keeping it simple and easy?

That is the reason we at Dsignz are very meticulous with our craft in shaping office signages. We aim to interlace simplicity with an enthralling appeal to highlight its distinction. Evoking a sense of authenticity while not losing its professional touch.

The fonts that we engrave have a striking balance of elegance and effortlessness. They are elementary to exhibit creativity in a lucid way. Dsignz specialises in handwritten calligraphy to evoke a genuine feeling in the minds of the spectators. Handwritten fonts exude a welcoming aura in your workspace, as they strike a very personal impression. It is what makes you stand out in the line of stereotypical business style typeface.

With Dsignz you have no restraints on your imagination as we offer you the largest collection of online designs in office nameplates. Moreover, there are no restrictions on the materials of your nameplate. You have the freedom of fusing any materials which lies in the boundaries of possibility.

Get ready to be amazed as we offer your Office nameplates and signages in alluring acrylic, shiny brass, comely ceramic, aesthetic marble, glistening brass, furnished wood, radiant glasses, glossy metal, polished stainless steel, burnished aluminium, lustrous iron and countless more. Our extensive rage of Office nameplates covers all the elements in the spectrum of variety the world has to offer and more.

Desk name plates

For desk nameplates have to portray more than just name and designation. They must portray the personality of the individual, with professional etiquettes and a dash of artistic creativity to be outstanding. Desk nameplates need special attention as they symbolise pride and honour of the person who holds the title. They represent a trophy that they have earned through their deeds, of the position they hold.

 Nameplates for office

Nameplates hold a pivotal role in shaping the personality of your workspace. It also is a staple in shaping a perspective on the nature of work you are engaged in. Our designers have the eye to suggest and craft the nameplates which best depict the nature of your work. It what distinguishes you from bland generic workspaces from a creative one filled with colourful personalities.

Nameplates are important as they stand as the first impression for the people. In this day and age of brutal competition, it is always better to have an edge over your impression. You dictate the impression you’re going to leave on clients.

With Dsignz we aim on enhancing the appeal of your company and helping you design the striking first impression you deserve.






Metal nameplates

Metallic nameplates have always been on the top shelves of the trend in India. They exude an alluring charm which exceeds its value from its price.
They can blend to depict what you want them to, be it professional or personal, it knows no boundaries in specifications.

Dsignz has the largest catalogue of online designs in metal nameplates online. Its spectrum is vivid and varied in diversity. Dsignz has a grand collection of online metal nameplates in India.

Perhaps the best part of choosing a metal nameplate is the variety it offers you in the selection of its materials.

Dsignz offers you options which have depth in quantity and are lavish in quality, within your price range. Whether its luxury or economic, we have something for one, we have something for all.

Dsignz aims to craft what best captures your imagination, in portraying a pristine representation of your personality. We are meticulous with our craft and we offer no limitations in the fusion of materials.

We don’t believe that there should be a limit to your creativity, so Dsignz offers you to fuse your Metal nameplates with-

Matt Brass
Glossy Brass
Chrome finish
Stainless steel
Matt steel
Antique brass
Textured aluminium
Patina finish
Antique Nickel
Antique copper
Weathered Rust
Brushed Brass
Polished Nickel
Antique Bronze

……….and countless more.

Our extensive range of Metal nameplates cover all the elements in the spectrum of variety the world has to offer and more.

Once the design is greenlit, then comes the fonts. Fonts are the throbbing heart of the design as they are the focal point of the metallic nameplates. As Dsignz specialises in hand calligraphic inscriptions, we have the dexterity to exhibit even the most complex fonts and inscribe them with style. Our expansive catalogue of fonts knows no bounds. What’s more we are open to experimentation with fonts, fusing them together to portray your personality in an elegant fashion.

Our services are aimed at meticulously fabricating the material to encapsulate the microscopic details of your specifications. We also Assist you throughout the process of designing. We even offer advice and guidance as we have veteran designers and artisans from the field with more than 10 years of experience.


In terms of colour combinations, the sky is your limit! You can customise your nameplate to sport any colour or their fusion. Colour plays a pivotal role in the overall appeal of the nameplate and with our experience we ensure that the colour you choose to showcase on your nameplate will retain its vibrant features in its execution.

Monogram Nameplates

The latest fashion to top the charts of trends has to be entitled to monogram nameplate. Monograms are made by overlapping or combining letters to form a symbol. It is a very delicate art of interlacing fonts to bind them in an initial.

A Monogram nameplate holds calligraphic fonts at its focal point.

The calligraphy in the fonts has to be intricately laid out, in order to pristinely showcase the design. The fonts are the beating heart of this nameplate and even the slightest error in judgement can derail the whole appeal of the nameplate. Fonts have to be interwoven with sharp dexterity for the nameplate to portray it in its exquisite glory.

If you’re a practitioner of art, monogram nameplate should be your go to design. Since its earliest practice of inscribing it in coins, it was recognized as a signature by artisans, sculptures, painters and craftsmen from the artistic field. They used monograms to sculpt their initials in an aesthetic manner to showcase their creative calibre.

Countless brands and corporates employ the same trick of monograms to get the message across, highlighting their personality by stylizing their monogram. Marketing through art is the oldest trick in the book, striking an impression that leaves everyone bewildered

Dsignz specialises in handwritten calligraphy to weave even the most complex fonts in your design. With veteran designers and skilful artisans from the field, we ensure that the fonts are painstakingly detailed, embedded with microscopic details. They have to be handled with extreme dexterity and we have the resources and the artists to execute the design with precision.

Dsignz offers the largest in line collection of Monogram nameplates. Your monogram nameplates can be customised to your imaginations end.

Dsignz has an extensive range in Monogram nameplates, our vast catalogue is deep and detailed. Customised Monogram nameplates has a colossal range in the fusion of its materials. As we don’t believe in restraining your creativity, only brewing it till excellence.

Behold as we offer you an ensemble diversity in materials as we have, alluring acrylic, shiny brass, comely ceramic, aesthetic marble,

glistening brass, furnished wood, radiant glasses, glossy metal, polished stainless steel, burnished aluminium, lustrous iron and countless more. Our extensive rage of Office nameplates covers all the elements in the spectrum of variety in online nameplates design India.

There is extra care poured in to ensure that the Monogram holds distinction from its canvas, so the calligraphic fonts are highlighted to glisten in the eyes of the spectators.

The art of Monogram is one which highlights your artistic calibre to creatively depict your personality. It is easy to understand but hard to master.

With regards to the colour palette of the monogram, the sky is the limit. Dsignz has a grand multitude when it comes to the colour palette of the nameplates. You combine any variety of colours or fuse them to fashion your monogram nameplate immaculately.


Vintage Signages

Vintage signages are the definition of timeless art. Whether it’s the 1920s or 2020, the signages designed in the Victorian era will never cease to bewitch you with its meticulously crafted charms. In the western culture, vintage signs have never gone out of fashion due to the aesthetic element of nostalgia they provide. They are the very reminiscent of the Victorian era. The richness in the intricate design of the Gothic fashion has still not lost it’s touch. Periodic and classical to it’s last dime.

The brass surface glistens with authenticity in the minds of the guests.
Vintage signages can also be designed to retain the elements of the era in the hands of a dextrous designer. They reflect an era which was hailed for its style. A style which stands out, to this day.

This trend’s popularity has crossed borders and nationalities because art has no nationality, only the love from the people who are mesmerized by it. For Indian people who love the Victorian era it’s a trend that cannot be overlooked.

That’s why we at Dsignz offer you a collection of Vintage signages and nameplates. Dsignz has India’s largest collection of Vintage nameplates designs online. Customised Vintage Nameplate in Dsignz are centred around replicating your creativity. The intricately designed vintage nameplates will reflect the Gothic style of the Victorian era, in a pristine style. The elements we use are a blend of a lot of materials, all crafted immaculately to capture your imagination. Our Vintage name plates are best suited to capture your personality, as we in our 15 years of business, have served numerous homes, nationally and internationally.

You are destined to be amazed by the variety we offer in our Vintage nameplates and signages catalogue as we have Vintage signages in glistening brass, furnished wood, radiant glasses, glossy metal, polished stainless steel, burnished aluminium, lustrous iron and countless more. Our extensive range of Vintage nameplates cover all the elements in the spectrum of variety the world has to offer and more.

In Dsignz we believe in personally assisting our clients throughout the process of laying the framework of the nameplate. Our designers are meticulous with their craft and they suggest you the best approach throughout the process.

Vintage nameplates retain the richness the same way they did back in the ear. This art has survived generations of shift in style and trends but has always managed to trend at the top.

In Dsignz, we believe in no restriction towards your imagination. You can imagine a design rich in complexity and painstakingly intricate and we’ll manage to transpire your imagination into the real world.

Your personality will be showcased with crystal clearance, as your love for the Gothic fashion will bleed into your demeanour. Vintage nameplates have the elements of the magnificence highlighted in its glistening metallic surface and it’s intricately crafted design, that gives you nameplate the appeal of a portrait.

The calligraphic fonts employed are to showcase a periodic era and that is the reason they should be precise in their presentation. Vintage nameplates are supposed to be luxuriant and that’s why even a microscopic smudge can render it from all it’s charms

You can also customise your Vintage nameplate to be fashioned in the signage of a lavish restaurant or a brass license plate, no restrictions that limit you in any way. Trending Western Vintage nameplates showcase a plethora of these designs as the westerners customise their vintage signages to showcase their name on a bar signage, or a car license plate or a luxurious Hotel.

That’s what Vintage nameplates do, highlight a sense of luxury in a way that makes you stand apart from everyone. The splendid design is intricately detailed with complexity. Vintage nameplates are a lot of things, but what they really stand for is to highlight your class in taste.

Stone Name Plates

The artistic craft of carving names on stone canvases hasn’t withered to dust like the ancient civilizations they originated from. There’s just something about the prepossessing elegance of this craft which enchants the eyes to devour it’s beauty.

Don’t let its rugged appearance deceive you from it’s artistic potential. Our experienced designers can transmute any misshapen chunk of stone into a stellar artistic portrait, inscribed with intricate designs to highlight the complexity of this craft

This craft isn’t a task for naive hands or unimaginative minds. It demands the last ounce of your artistic caliber and the thinnest stretch of your imagination.
With Dsignz we offer you India’s largest collection of stone name plate designs online.

1) Ruggedness has its own charms. But it demands an artistic touch to exude it’s radiant appeal. The fusion with metallic calligraphy is just the icing on the cake for its glistening shimmer.

With time this craft of carving names on stones has only aged like fine wine.
With online designer stone nameplates, this trend is at it’s all time high.

The spectrum of their variety has only broadened with it’s raising popularity in modern times. With Dsignz, our catalogue on customized stone plate designs know no boundaries in encapsulating your imagination. We offer an extensive range in choices which wraps an impressive amount of variety under its belt. Our options vary from lustrous marbles, glossy granites, gleaming limestones, furnished travertine and glistening salt rocks.

Choose the perfect stone nameplate for your home from an extensive range of name plate designs.

The rigid hardened exterior of the stone makes it tough for it to blend it with other materials. It’s the mark of an experienced designer to be able to fuse other materials with stone and make them blend in a way that it doesn’t obscures their authenticity. With Dsignz your imagination is not restricted to the limitation of bonding of stone with other materials. Your customised stone name plates can be paired with other materials. As we offer you no restraints on your choices, may you want to fuse stone with glass, wood , acrylic, stainless steel, metal, iron and many more in the line of variety. Having served 1 lac+ homes, our name plate makers are best suited to fulfil all your name plate ideas.

2) Say hello to the polished earthy stone bonded with glass to highlight the modernistic appeal. The burnished gloss directing the focus to it’s velvety appearance.

The calligraphic inscription on the stone canvas is handled with extreme dexterity by our experienced designers.
Every design is polished to perfection as we can not compensate in the portrayal of a pristine image of your creativity.
Our peerless artistry is centred around depicting a replica of your vision.
The end product shouldn’t obscure even a fragment of your imagination

3) Take this for example-

This calligraphic masterpiece is a product of innovation and skill. The calligraphic fonts of the Gayatri Mantra are elegantly hand crafted to illuminate the traditional authentic values of the client. The artistic caliber is further dialled up a notch by gracing the calligraphy by metallic fillings.

Stone plates due to it’s brutal and challenging craft gave it a distinctive dignified identity in modern times. With Dsignz, your name signage engraved in the stone canvas will manifest a dazzling impression on your guests. For us, it’s more than a plate for a standard display of address, it’s a canvas to exhibit immaculate artistry.
The least you can expect is your house to glisten the brightest among your neighbourhood.

Vastu Shastra tips for nameplates

“A nameplate is as significant to your home as a ‘tikka’ is on your forehead” quotes a Vastu Shastra and astrology expert.

Just like the main door welcomes people into your houses, it also welcomes their energies, vibes and auras. Opportunities won’t be able to discover you, if your house lacks a distinct identity of its own. A nameplate should depict more than just your name. It should present your individuality with a unique style.

For the nameplate to manifest positivity and harmony, the materials should be chosen wisely. What’s more, is that the Vastu of your house is heavily influenced by the direction it faces. So if the door is in the north or west direction, a metallic nameplate is suggested to align with the energy which prevails in that direction. In contrast, if the door is in the south or east direction, a wooden name plate is to be chosen for the same. The entrance of your home should be embellished with God’s presence, with sacred portraits or elegant statues of Ganesh or sanctified signs of Om or the holy swastiks or just gracing it with some Shloks.

Personalized nameplates are in vogue

Personalized nameplates is the trend of modern-day home owners. Nameplate designs reflect the interest of family members and aligns with the theme which best encapsulates their passion. It can also be fashioned to portray their profession, the artistic aesthetics of which rests with the caliber of the designer. The trend began with a simple crafting of a surname on the nameplate, then the trend transpired to inscribing their family name which eloped the names of the members in the family in an artistic spectacle. Pets are no exception to this. The trend has evolved into the inclusion of family photos being framed on the nameplate. History has witnessed the age old tradition of great fortresses being entitled with their own name, for they possessed a distinct identity which reflected the demeanour of the lord. The modern era still carries on this legacy where owners name their bungalows, villas, row houses and apartments with their own name, which are then artistically crafted on the nameplate.

“An attractive nameplate is pivotal, for they govern your first impression. They dictate what’s going to meet the eye” quotes one home-maker from Mumbai.

With Dsignz, our CEO and lead designer, Ms. Dimple Pandhi has been critically acclaimed for her work and has been honoured with rave reviews for her quick grasp on the artistic demands of clients. Her prolonged experience in this field accelerates the work in terms of meeting the requirements, may it be design, font or material. Her dexterous craft replicates the approved design pristinely, perfected to the last polish.

Tips for putting up a nameplate at the entrance

  • The laws of Vastu propound that opportunities are drawn towards houses whose main doors and adjoining walls possess a nameplate, which depict the name of their family members
  • Prosperity is destined to thrive on houses which have a distinct identity of their own, it emanates a positive energy which is favored by Vastu.
  • Well-being will prevail on the condition that the plate’s confines should be suitable to inscribe one’s name or surname.
  • Similarly, the denoted number of the house should be placed at a foot or two away
  • The spacing should not be bound with congestion.
  • The main door should compliment the design on the nameplate, so they appear interlaced and be unified for the aura to radiate.
  • To ensure the visibility is not obscured by darkness, the plate should be well illuminated.
  • The artistic complexity should be present but shouldn’t cast a shadow on simplicity, keep it innovative but simple.
  • A balance should be scaled between intricate designs and simplicity, so the plate doesn’t burden the eye with overloaded complex designs and to be ultimately deemed meaningless
  • The design should convey a message, whether it is quintessential cemetery of two sides or conflicting duality, idea is to portray an artistic spectacle and deliver a message.
  • Once again, dexterous calligraphy is the whetstone which sharpens the creatively.
  • Sparking cleanliness should be prioritized too.

Name of your House | Vastu for Home Name Plate

It’s all in the name

Entitling the house with a name is looked upon as an omen which harnesses good luck. The trend of naming your house is rising to popularity amongst owners. It is admired as a gesture of welcome for the guests invited to your residence. Guests may amiss your address if they struggle to locate your residence. Vastu states this as a sign of lost opportunity. So Vastu suggests that a house can escalate it’s attractiveness by entitling it with an angelic name. This can be achieved by the help of a house sign on the entrance to indicate a warm welcome.
In the western culture there’s a popular trend to entitle their houses with a theme. This theme can vary on the range of wildlife, destination, natural, etc. Example Rose Cottage, Willow lake, Anchors Away, Ocean Overlook. Parallelly Indian people are more susceptible to title their house with names inspired after holy deities, sacred rivers or religious figures. As they believe them to be the agents of luck. Also because they believe they’ll shower them with their blessings and restore peace in their residence.

Consider the following points before naming your home: Vastu for nameplate

1) The name you entitle your house with should be unique. Steer clear of names which are already taken.

2) The name can have elements of modernism in it, but it shouldn’t lose its meaning in the process.

3) The meaning should bear relevance to its meaning.

4) Choose a name which possesses a distinctive characteristic of your individuality.

5) The Calligraphy shouldn’t be daunting to decipher by the reader.

6) The meaning should align with the theme of positivity for it to radiate a positive aura.

7) The colour palette should be chosen with respect to the direction it faces.

8) Similarly the material should heed to the norms of directions itself. Metallic nameplates are deemed favorable.

All things can be explained with the aid of science. Similarly there are certain laws which govern the Vastu which surround your house. A set of things which are favourable and unfavourable.

Caligraphy ( Simran Raheja & lotus)

A nameplate ensures that the house has its own unique distinct identity. Names give significance and relevance to things and also judge their importance. A nameless thing is deemed meaningless, as it bears no relevance to what it is supposed to signify. It determines its purpose. It’s secondary purpose is to channelize positive energy in your house. When that happens it will extract the negativity from the house, binding you with an optimistic outlook in life. Your impression is judged from the first sight of your home. If the impression is lackluster, it fades the charms which follow. It’s like a game of dominos. It takes one to topple all the rest.

The style that you desire to fashion your house with, serves as an element of ornamentation towards your house.

Like everything nameplates possess a vast spectrum of options, which can be modern, philosophical, conceptual or they can depict the deity you worship.

The exquisite artistry on the nameplate can create an immaculate first impression. Garnering attention which ultimately leads to respect for your choice of creativity. What’s more it could portray a gesture of welcome, a silent greeting from a visual spectacle. It can emanate a warm feeling, which also exudes your charismatic charms.

Put your name on the door

Owning a house is not enough, it should bear it’s own individuality. What draws the line of distinction between property and a house is a nameplate. Giving your house a personal touch, amplifies your personality. It channelizes a positive aura which flourishes the prosperity of your house.

Customized Nameplates

Dsignz brings you the largest collection of nameplate designs online India has to offer. Our wide range of materials varies from marble, stone, steel, glass, ceramic, acrylic brass, stainless steel, and granite. Specializing in making nameplates for lavish homes, our perfectly designed nameplates will suit your homes and its aura. Whatever may be your nameplate idea, our creativity will hold it at its focal point.

We design door signs which deliver the stunning first impression your homes deserve. For something that will be greeted by your eyes daily, needs to hold on to its charm. The kind of door signs which greet you with warmth, just like your family welcomes you home after a long day of work.

We aim for accuracy in designing your nameplates with stylish lettering, creative fonts, and choosing the material you would want to have your house sign made in.

Office Nameplates

Our extensive scale of nameplates for offices and office signage’s encapsulate the very essence of your services. We have a diverse category of nameplates suitable for conference rooms, meeting rooms, board rooms & office cabins. Custom nameplates which give your desk or cubicle the personal touch
Custom design nameplates for doctor’s clinics, hospitals, hotels, hotel rooms, law firms, retail shops, department stores, showrooms, schools, colleges, and other institutions.
We have shipped nameplates to over 300 cities in India, including Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Noida, Gurgaon, Mysore, Jalandhar, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Thane, Ahmadabad, Surat, Pune, Jaipur, Lucknow, Kanpur, Nagpur, Indore, Bhopal, Patna, Visakhapatnam, Vadodara, Ghaziabad, Ludhiana, Raipur, Agra, Meerut, Varanasi, Amritsar, Navi Mumbai, Allahabad, Ranchi, Madurai, Hubli and Dharwad, Nashik, Rajkot, Dhanbad, Dehradun, Kochi, Warangal.


We at Dsignz realize the authenticity of individuality. Our handcrafted nameplates give your house a distinct personality it deserves. The nameplates which set your house apart from standard addresses. Personalized nameplates, which highlight your personality, stylized fonts to mesmerize the visitors, breathtaking calligraphy which will never lose its prepossessing appeal.

House Name Plates

Personalized nameplates and door signs, polished and innovative styles that stay up with the times. Molded from the fusion of resilient material which will retain it’s furnished gloss for years to come. Its charms never bowing down to the tests of time. Customized nameplates will be a replica of your desires. Nameplates that pristinely reflect your vibes.

Personalized nameplates

Nameplates are important as they are the advocates of first impressions. Nameplates that reflect your personality in stylized fonts and immaculate calligraphy.
That is why it is very important to have a perfectly designed, beautifully personalized name board on your front door.

Right from the time, the trend of having nameplates started, nameplate designs have always been fashioned after the material of the door. As in a wooden door insured a wooden nameplate and a wrought iron door decided for a wrought iron designer nameplates.

Name Plates Designs Ideas For Apartments

Dsignz has a very stylish approach towards the house name plates design We ensure that the house owner’s personality is reflected in the name plate’s design.
Every creative nameplate has its fair share of dedication, commitment, and toil to ensure the satisfaction of your creativity.

The nameplates designs have different designs, different materials.

All the nameplate designs have a wide spectrum of materials infused in it to highlight the diversity in our service. All nameplate designs are unique and different. We have nothing but pride in claiming that we provide much more variety than any other online nameplate makers Of course, there are different styles in different places. However different styles being in different places is inevitable. The cities in India also dictate the difference in the designing style of nameplates in India. Mumbai relishes on stylish fonts, whereas Banglore emphasizes more on color gradation, the regional difference should be held into accountability when it comes to nameplate design.

Nameplates in India is fashioned in the local language, to portray its diversity and artistic expressions in nameplates. Mumbai has nameplates bearing names and addresses fashioned and calligraphic in Marathi, giving it the depth of diversity in culture. Mumbai will be different than designer nameplates in Delhi, where the nameplate fashioned in the local language may draw inspiration from the prevailing culture and language practiced in the  Northern region.

In Delhi there will be nameplates in the Hindi language, being the dominant language in the Northern states. You can also find Hindi on their engraved nameplates.

When it concerns designer nameplates online, blatant copying is not encouraged. But we assure you that if you’re on the quest to scavenge one good name plate template, you’ll be swarmed with endless choices for artistic nameplates.

You’ll be delivered the nameplate with the kind of materials, size, and style you ordered using our online link

Searching for online customized design nameplates is a simple task, but the designing nameplates which captures the vibes of your home is quite a daunting task. Making Artistic designer nameplates for houses is a tough nail to hammer. We at Dsignz understand that nameplates need to have a charming appeal.

Now, everybody knows that it’s very easy to know that what design nameplate we can make, no one else can, simply because of the feeling that we have for our home nobody else can replicate. That is what we strive to achieve in Dsignz, making the process easier for the client by understanding their creativity. Our designs are something you would wish your nameplate to resemble.

We understand the relevance and importance of the smallest of symbols, as they are not just pretty nameplates but nameplates which gives out feelings. Nameplates with patterns are of priority as they have to showcase the artistic creativity of the owner.

Nameplates with specialized engravings are made with the last attention to detail from our side. Our high-quality nameplate design will make other nameplate manufacturers seem like they lack the authentic touch in their craft.

Get ready to be amazed by the swarming variety of main door nameplate designs when you visit our door nameplate template section. Our collection of nameplates for doors include a wide collection of different materials and style.

Orders of nameplates for the door will be delivered in the assigned timeframe, we value your time above all else. We monitor our delivery channels with extreme strictness, to ensure the prompt supply.

All deliveries should respect time, our motto.

Order Online To Buy Name Plates in India

Whenever you want to buy and get online name plates India, do visit our site and give us a chance to prove that nameplate India is not simple anymore.

We’ll prove to you that nameplate designing in India has evolved to be more than just simple standard addresses if you choose to buy online nameplates from us. Our door nameplates will astonish you till the very end.

There isn’t a door nameplate design you wouldn’t wish to have on your door nameplate.

There are no door name plates designs that you would not like to have on your door. Visit

Incredible Gifts India (wooden, stone, metal, glass) Name Plate

With Dsignz we aim to encapsulate the authentic Indian culture. Condensing the intricate complexity of art is placed on the highest pedestal of priority at Dsignz. The linguistic diversity of our land is the gateway to the realm of infinite artistic choices. We view the inscription of languages as ravishing art which deserves to be executed immaculately. Clients have the freedom to fashion the calligraphic inscription in the style of their beloved language. An artistic choice which is a symbol of love they possess for their culture. It’s not the design, but the sentiment that we strive to capture in that nameplate. We understand your deep rooted devotion to your tradition. It’s not just a tradition, it’s a legacy bestowed upon us by our culture. A culture that has stood the test of time. The simplest way we can keep the seal of our tradition unbroken is by holding on to our language. Language, the essence of our culture. At Dsignz we want to weave that essence into the canvas of your nameplate.

Storiyaan Interviews, Mumbai – City of Dreams

I recall being gravitated towards distinctive writing styles and scavenging them on any print media outlet my eyes could read. While traveling, I played this quest of hunting hotels, shops, and buildings that had inscribed their names most exquisitely. Back home, I use to scribble anywhere where my pens and pencils could trace.

To quench my undying thirst for mastering Calligraphy, I graduated in Specialization in Typography, including Calligraphy and Hand Lettering. With Calligraphy, you can architect your writing style, which appeals to you, there’s nothing to hold back your wildest artistic demeanor. Nameplates don’t address the people in the residential area anymore, they have transpired to reflect their status and taste.

So I triggered off my own company, Dsignz, where I could fabricate a fashion that resonated with my customer’s individuality and suited their passionate spectrum. To build your company from the ground up demands every last ounce of effort.

Dawning the mantle of an entrepreneur demands a mind that breaths business balances the scales of investment, and returns to 1:2. This being a business which hails on client satisfaction has to mold itself into a replica of the client’s desire to be fulfilled to its last dime. Also, have to work round the clock of the client’s calling. I’m engaged in a business where competitors can stoop to any degree as long as it ensures they are afloat. But I strive for longevity over survival for relevance’s sake. So I ensure my service will never take a dib from its elite quality.

My work ethics and committed attitude have granted me the privilege of offering my services to celebs like Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Rohit Roy, Pritam Da, and many more. They have appreciated my product as a piece of art. Doing what I did best won me an award for Midday Mumbai Icon 2019. It was my dexterity which shortlisted me as an entrepreneur; I will work harder for Dsignz to reach its highest altitude.

Dimple Pandhi’s Blog on Engrave

Hailing from Mumbai, Dimple is a Polytechnic-Commercial Arts graduate from Nirmala Niketan. Having specialised in typography, hand lettering, and calligraphy, she worked as a freelance artist, and worked with brands to create the most elegant calligraphy for their products.

Now an entrepreneur, Dimple runs a business of hand-calligraphed products and services called Dsignz.

“My experience has made me realise that the calligraphy I use for various products has made them incredibly unique and highly valuable for my customers,” she says.

The Beginnings
“Right from childhood, you could always find me staring out the window while travelling, observing the different styles and fonts used in the name of shops, hotels, buildings, or any commercial complexes passing by. And when I was home, the only thing I’d be interested in was scribbling everywhere with pencils and pens! You’d find me writing my name in different styles as well, so I guess that formed the basis of my love for commercial arts, as well as the subject of typography and letterings.”

Calligraphy In Her Life Today
“For me, calligraphy is a platform to create your own writing style, that is beautiful to you. From a professional sense, however, since calligraphy is a visual art related to writing, it is the quality of design and the execution of lettering that marks the difference between good and great. I’m well-versed with many calligraphic forms such as Italics, Roman, Devanagari, and pointed nib modern calligraphy, but there are so many art styles that there’s always more to learn!”

Where Does India Stand In The World Of Calligraphy?

“The amount of sheer artistic talent that lies in this country is simply unreal. So while calligraphy here is still nascent, we boast a few great calligraphy artists, which will hopefully inspire many to pursue it as their career, thereby helping the calligraphy community in India grow more as well.”

The Future

“Calligraphy helps instil traits like patience and creativity — which, if you ask me, are required today’s generation! I’m also of the belief that if you take technology and mix it with art, you will always come up with something innovative. And that is exactly why I will continue creating innovative products as an entrepreneur.”

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