About Dsignz

Dsignz is here because of the strong passion for calligraphy by Dimple Pandhi graduated in commercial arts specialized in Typography which includes subject of Calligraphy and Hand Lettering. She was associated with brands to create the most elegant calligraphy for their products. She took calligraphy art to a different level and developed higher range value products. Has created brand identity for the companies by designing logo and product design. Concept development and product designing. signing.

door name plate acrylic


Dsignz is a identity theme based products and services. It reflects individuality with a positive, optimistic celebrate view point living a life full of passion that is open to discovery. The business is focused towards designing and hand producing well crafted objects that the customers love to purchase, receive as a gift,or to use. The business process is completely made to order.

Products & Services

The range of products we offer includes designer nameplates, leather accessories, personal jewellery and the services of logos and invitation cards. The products are made of various materials with designer signatures, monogram or hand calligraphed names either cut in brass by hand and plated with some great finishes or embossed on the product.

The artistic calligraphy signatures / lettering do more than merely identifying the accessories: it gives them a distinct personal character. Using the finest looks and metaliculously artistry our craftsmen create striving pieces that bear the stamp of exclusivity.

Dimple teaches the art of Calligraphy, traditional as well as Modern Calligraphy, the art of pointed pen calligraphy, at in-person workshops.

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