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Nameplates are just put up to let people know who are the people staying inside those closed doors but also a mirror of relationships between people residing in a house. Here’s what counselors decipher about different types of nameplates…

1. ‘It’s just us’ nameplates

With just the names, the nameplates state that two extremely loving people live in the house and have come over their issues of surname and grown as a couple. In fact, there are a lot of married couples with kids who have their as well as their kid’s names engraved in a fun style on the nameplate, which makes it look like one sweet family. It shows that the family is very closely knit and cares for each other’s sentiments without the baggage of family names.

2.Surname plates

name plate

While there are many people who have only their surnames written on their nameplates. Many family nameplates have only the surnames written on it, this gives out that family wants to know only by its last name. While many families feel that writing only the surname, depicts that all the members are closely knit. It also says that ‘To the world, we are just one family, and not an individual member’, which also shows a strong bonding between them.

3.Head of a family nameplate

These kind of families also have the names of head of the family on their name plate. Many of these families might be male-dominated, a lot of people do not really pay a lot of attention while making nameplates. Especially, middle-aged couples, who already have children, for them all that matters is having a nameplate that would tell whose house it is. They do not go into intricate details of weighing their relationship before making nameplates, unlike younger couples.


4.Postman nameplates

Have you seen some doors that have some of the most uninteresting nameplates that read something like ‘Dr. Suraj Menon, Prof. Aswathi Menon, 102’. These are called ‘postman nameplates’. True that these nameplates are quite monotonous with both first and last names and flat number alongside, they are quite helpful for postmen and courier boys. There are many people who make nameplates just in order to make it easy for courier boys to spot the right address. These couples are hardly passionate about the small things in life; in fact they are more practical in approach.

Source: Timesofindia

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